About Kirbyworks

Kirby started his painting career while still in high school working as the maintenance man at a retirement home in Shelton, Washington.  His career was interrupted for a few years by a couple of college degrees, work, a wife, and five kids. He got back into painting after moving to Kennewick where Karolyn grew up.  The building boom was just heating up and Kirby and a friend answered an ad for painters for a large housing development at the north end of Road 44.  They gave Kirby and Vlad a house to paint and liked the results and kept throwing more houses at them to paint which created the need for up to nine painters to keep up with the demand from that builder and other builders in the area.

Then the housing boom turned into a bust and the work dried up for contractors and tradesmen.  This was the best thing to happen to Kirbyworks because it forced them to not rely on new construction and concentrate on residential repaints which they had already begun doing.

Many painters who were used to competing only on price could not offer discriminating homeowners what they needed while Kirby has been able to offer quality work and customer care that has set himself apart from the others, including receiving an Angie’s List Super Service Award which is awarded to only the top 5% of painters in their network, which generally includes the top painters in any market.

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