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Light Can Play Tricks On You When You Finish Painting

If you or your painter paints a room and you discover it’s not at all the color you expected it may not be due to poor color picking or a bad tinting job at the paint store. You might be

National Home Design and Color Survey Shows Homeowners Will Liven Up Their Spaces with More Painting Projects

According to a new National Home Design and Color Survey from Sherwin-Williams, seven-in-10 homeowners plan to undertake a house-related project in the next six months. Of those homeowners planning house projects, painting tops the list with 42 percent wanting to

Why Not Paint Your House Red?

I just got through painting my second red house in Kennewick. For my first red house the owner already knew he wanted his assisted living facility to be red before he called me for a paint quote.  This time however

Favorite Tri-Cities Colors

If you want to fix up your house for resale it’s good to pick colors that will be liked by the highest percentage of your potential customers, yet too much color can make it hard for potential buyers to imagine

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