How We Do It

Your Bid:

First of all, we don’t do estimates; we give you a bid. We do not come back after the job is over saying we are charging more unless you have added work beyond the original scope we agreed on in the beginning and then only if we agree to the scope and bid price. An estimate always leaves the door open to a contractor saying their “estimate” was inaccurate, kind of like when we as little kids used to cross our fingers when telling the “truth”. After we are done with the job and find we should have bid more for the project because it took longer than expected that’s our problem, not yours. You pay what we agreed to.

Our bids usually include the cost of labor and material though for some smaller jobs taking less than 2 gallons of paint we usually bid for labor plus whatever the paints costs, which I get at a healthy discount at local paint stores.

I do not require down payment except on very large jobs (over $10,000). I have not had a problem with residential re-paint customers not paying and I’m sure you won’t be the first.

For those who don’t like to pick colors we don’t mind giving suggestions and getting samples to put on your wall to see if you like them. We are not professional interior decorators but we the next best thing.

Interior Painting Prep:

This includes moving your furniture away from the walls and covering, removing wall plates washing off any areas that might have a greasy residue, removing wallpaper, filling and patching holes in your sheet-rock, priming and texturing. Though we will move your furniture we do ask that you clear the area of small and fragile items.

Interior Painting:

We usually use Sherwin-Williams’ top-of-the-line Duration Home for the best coverage and durability. With this product you don’t need to use gloss or semi-gloss for washability in your kitchen and bathrooms since Duration provides a hard surface, even with their matte finish.

Exterior Painting Prep:

– First we pressure wash your house then scrape off peeling paint. We then prime any bare wood with XIM Peel Bond primer. As the name implies, Peel Bond bonds the edge of the paint to the wood so it won’t keep peeling after we are finished. This retards the peeling process which makes your paint job last longer since it will be the old paint underneath the new paint that will begin to peel first.

Exterior Painting:

– The body is sprayed while door and window trim and facia are brushed and rolled. Doors are sprayed if they are smooth or brushed if they have been brushed before. We genarally use Sherwin Williams A100 Satin which is rated at 15 years but you can upgrade to Superpaint which is a 25 year paint or Resilience which is a lifetime paint.

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