The Kirbyworks Warranty

Rather than present you with a long document with a lot of fine print describing what I will or won’t warranty, I prefer an old-school method. Just call me if there are issues with the painting we have done, and if we can both agree you shouldn’t be seeing what you are seeing then we’ll repaint it. No time limits.

I rarely get asked about warranties but I have gotten a few call-backs from customers and have done a few things over again. For example, three years after painting one house my customer said her front door had faded. We both agreed a front door should last longer than three years so I painted it again, this time with water based paint which fades less. I didn’t realize the first time how much better water-based paint had gotten compared to oil-based so hadn’t made the switch to water-based.

We do our best to do what it takes to make your paint job last as long as possible but nobody bats a thousand so we do sometimes have to fix our work.

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