We Will Beat Your College Pro Bid By 10%!

Experience Has Shown College Pro Bids Higher

More than once I’ve seen College Pro painting a house and stopped by to ask how much they are charging for the paint job. I do this after I’ve sized up the job and have roughly figured out what I would have charged. In every case College Pro is charging a lot more than I would have.

College Pro Relies On Inexperienced Painters

Not only do they charge more but College Pro uses part-time summer help that are not experienced professionals. Kirbyworks, on the other hand, seeks out the best professionals in the industry who are not using your house as a training house.

College-Pro painters are so inexperienced that they don’t trust them behind a spray gun which is why they only roll and brush, which is the main reason they charge as much as they do.  Labor costs are significantly higher when you roll and brush instead of spray.

Does Rolling and Brushing Instead of Spraying Make the Paint Last Longer?

Only marginally so.  Instead of spending several hundred more for the labor it takes to skip using a spray gun you could spend another couple hundred dollars and upgrade to a longer lasting paint that will give you many more years than hand-applying the paint.

Does Two Coats Make the Paint Job Last Longer?

Again, only marginally so.  As with rolling a brushing, you will get more years out of your paint job by simply spending a couple hundred on upgrading to a better quality paint, such as going from a 15 year paint to a 25 year paint, which is a ten year difference. Putting a second coat will probably only give you one more year.

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