Don’t Tint Low or Zero VOC Paint

Dec 19, 2016Do It Yourself, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting

If you are buying zero or low VOC paint to reduce the air pollution in your home be sure to either not tint it or tint it to a very light tint. So far tint is a non-organic material which can increase the VOC’s in the paint to more than 5 grams per liter and sometimes even as much as 10 grams per liter which defeats the purpose of buying low VOC paint.

According to the EPA, the average home’s interior air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and interior paints are often the prime suspect for the source of this indoor pollution. Volatile organic compounds can slowly off-gas for years after initial application.

Sherwin Williams has a top-rated non-toxic paint called Harmony.  The Harmony line uses sustainable raw materials in the formulation, like soy and sunflower oil, to keep solvent content low and VOCs in the near zero-VOC range.  It’s also advertised as mildew and bacteria resistant which makes it ideal for bathrooms.

If you are concerned about indoor air quality please let me know when I give you a bid so I can include the cost of Harmony.

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