Get Those Sprinklers Off Your House

We Have a Water Problem Here in the Desert in the Tri-Cities

Home exteriors in the Tri-Cities sure take a beating.  Not only does the sun fade even the best paint and practically burns the paint off leaving bare, unprotected wood, we also have a water problem here in the Tri-Cities.

A water problem in this desert, you ask?  Yes, and it’s worse than you might think.  You see, the siding that is typically used here is meant for the desert. What’s the problem with that?  It’s meant to stay dry, and actually holds up well to the sun, but quite often gets a daily dose of water from sprinkler systems.  Ad water to our siding which was not meant to get much of it and sun to the door frames which are solid wood and absorb the suns energy and you have a perfect storm for home maintenance here in the Tri-Cities.

Other than painting your house frequently (typical advice coming from a Tri-Cities exterior painting contractor :), the best thing you can do for your house is put in a 2 or 3 foot dry zone next to it and move your sprinklers out away from it.  If your grass comes right up to your house you’re going to get your house wet every day trying to keep your grass alive.  If you must have landscaping next to your house use drip irrigation rather than sprinklers so all the water goes in the ground and none gets on your house.

Now about that other suggestion coming from a Tri-Cities exterior painting company…

Your Home Builder Was Not The Best Tri-Cities Exterior Painting Contractor

Even with the more expensive custom homes in the Tri-Cities, new home building contractors use the cheapest products available.  I know, I’ve painted quite a few homes in the Tri-Cities for contractors who did everything possible to save a few pennies to be able to compete on price with the other contractors who were also trying to compete on price.  They will spend extra for something a client can see like granite counter tops but not for quality a client can’t see such as the quality of paint used to protect the home exterior from heat, ultraviolet rays, and sprinkler systems.  If your home has its original paint job, even if it’s only a couple of years old, you will do well to have it repainted with a higher quality paint to protect your investment.  A higher quality, more expensive paint can actually save you money on painting according to this article.

Kirbyworks Painting in Top 5% of Angie’s List  for Exterior House Painting in The Tri-Cities

Few exterior house painting companies in the Tri-Cities get positive recommendations by Angie’s List customers and only one out of twenty of those who do get recommendations receive the esteemed Angie’s List Super Service Award.  Kirbyworks Painting is proud to be in the top 5% of Angie’s List house painting contractors which is a testament to the quality of work we do.

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