Interior Painting

How We Do Interior Painting

Kirbyworks Painting is a top-rated Interior Painting company for the Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick area. This is how we do it:

Your Bid

We don’t do estimates – we give you a bid. We do not come back after the job is over saying we are charging more unless you have added work beyond the original scope we agreed on in the beginning and then only if we agree to the scope and bid price. After we are done with the job and find we should have bid more for the project because it took longer than expected that’s our problem, not yours. You pay what we agreed to.

For Jobs over $1000 I’ll need a 50% down payment, which is an industry standard.

Interior Painting Prep

When we paint your interior there is very little for you to do.  We:

  • Move your furniture away from the walls and cover them
  • Remove wall plates
  • Wash off any areas that might have a greasy residue
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Fill and patch holes in your sheet-rock
  • Texture
  • Prime

If you have breakable items we do ask you to remove them from the room ahead of time.

We don’t texture complete homes but we do texture single rooms or walls. Some walls or ceilings may be so out of sorts to need a complete skim-coating and texturing to get a uniform end-product.

Interior Painting

Our Go-To Paint for Interiors

Generally we use Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Satin. This interior paint and primer in one applies easily, dries quickly, and offers great hide to make color changes easy. In addition to its smooth appearance, a SuperPaint coating creates a lasting finish and a surface that holds up to scrubbing.

Flatter Yet Still Washable

For a flatter finish that is still washable, we use Duration Home Matte.  In times past if you wanted a paint that was washable you had to use either gloss or semi-gloss but Duration Home has a hard finish even in its matte finish which is nearly flat.  This is a bonus because the flatter the paint the better it hides imperfections in your drywall and texture.  Also, for today’s darker and richer colors a flat finish is preferable, especially for dark accent walls.

Duration Home interior acrylic latex paint and primer in one provides outstanding coverage in fewer coats. It contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface and its advanced stain-blocking technology helps hide old stains and allows most new ones to be wiped clean with water.

For Trim and Doors

For trim and doors we use a harder enamel for durability as a defense against abuse from the kids and the vacuum cleaner. We generally use Sherwin Williams ProClassic interior Acrylic Enamel or an equivalent. It provides a smooth and luxurious finish and delivers a high-performing, non-yellowing finish that withstands even the toughest wear and tear. This waterborn acrylic paint formula goes on smooth with minimal brush or roller marks, especially if we add Latex Extender to slow down the drying time giving the paint time to level out.


We will either spray or cut and roll depending on several factors. We are less likely to spray if the house is occupied and more likely to spray if it’s going to take two coats to cover by rolling.

Color Consultation for Interior Painting

Is your color scheme looking a little dated but you’re not sure what colors are being used today? Having trouble figuring out what goes with that new counter or your new carpet?  Though I’m not a professional interior decorator I’m the next best thing, and my advice won’t cost you extra.  Let me help you with a free color consultation.


Helpful Information About Interior Painting from our Blog:

Where We Do It

Our Service Locations include:

The Tri-Cities: Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick, and the fourth Tri-City: West Richland.

Other towns in Benton and Franklin Counties, including Burbank, Finley, Benton City, Prosser, Mesa, and Connell.

Areas beyond: Mabton, Grandview, Sunnyside, Mattawa, Desert Aire, Hermiston, Boardman, Umatilla, and Touchet.

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