It’s Not Too Early For Exterior Painting

It’s been a warm winter. Here it is nearly 70 degrees on Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s not too early to paint but in the event we get more winter weather the main thing to watch out for is if it’s going to freeze at night we need to allow enough time for the paint to dry at the end of the day which means some times we need to stop painting at 2 pm and only then on the south and west sides of the house where the sun has warmed the siding.  On the north and east sides we might have to stop even earlier.  Since the sun never reaches the north side of a house this time of year we just have to do that side when it warms up enough soon after lunch.  On the other sides of the house we try to follow the sun – we start on the east side in the morning and work our way around the house clockwise.

Resilience Paint Good for That Small Chance of Rain

As for inclement weather, Sherwin Williams has a new product out called Resilience that is formulated just for the possibility of a little rain during painting.  It’s designed to quickly create a rain resistant skin on the surface of the paint after it’s been sprayed on.  Also, when painting trim we use brushes and rollers which apply the paint more thinly and thus dries faster than sprayed-on paint.

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