Kirby was Good About Accommodating my Schedule

Jun 7, 2017Testimonials

I selected Kirbyworks to paint the interior of my house based upon Angie’s List reviews.
My agreement with Kirby was that I would specify the colors to be used, but he would determine the brand and sheen of the paint.  I believe that Sherwin-Williams paint was used throughout the house.
I paid 50% of the agreed-upon price prior to the start of the project and the remaining 50% upon completion.  Since I paid cash, I don’t know if the company accepts credit cards.  I graded price as a B because the price is higher than average, but I knew that to be the case before I hired the firm.
The project took multiple (6?) full days of work for one of Kirbyworks’ painters. The same painter did my entire project, which I appreciate.  Some surfaces were rolled; some were sprayed.  The painter carefully patched cracks and nail pops and then texturized these spots to match the surrounding wall.  Once painted, I can’t tell where the imperfections were.  This attention to detail is why I was willing to pay a premium price.
The final product looks great; I am happy enough that I have already asked Kirbyworks to do some exterior painting.Update: By the end of 2013, Kirbyworks had re-painted virtually the entire interior of my house (including woodwork) plus the interior of the garage plus the exterior fencing. Beto (his main painter) is excellent at his job. I believe that high quality paint was used throughout. Because the interior remodeling of my house was done in stages, the painting was necessarily spaced out over the year.  Kirby was good about accommodating my schedule.  In total, I paid Kirby ~$10,000. That cost was higher than it needed to be because some areas were painted more than once when I changed my mind on the color.  I don’t blame Kirby for that!
Janice K., Richland

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