Kirbyworks Answers the Call for Kitchen Cabinet Painting with Breakthrough

More and more home owners are opting to paint their kitchen cabinets rather than replace them.  Finding the right paint with the right characteristics is critical to how well the cabinets will hold up to use and abuse and to how good the finished product looks.PPG Breakthrough Paint

PPG Liked the Paint so Much They Bought the Company

Quite often a small paint company you have never heard of will come out with a proprietary formula that is so good the big companies like Sherwin Williams and PPG will put their chemists to work trying to duplicate the product.  Quite often they can’t figure out how they did it so end up buying the company.  That’s how PPG ended up buying Vanex, the creators of a hard yet flexible paint called Breakthrough.

Breakthrough Attains the Holy Grail of Hardness and Flexibility

Breakthrough is a water-soluble alkyd (oil-based) paint.  That technology has been available for several years now and is making its way into every paint manufacturer’s product line.  What makes Breakthrough unique is having the best of both worlds: the hardness of oil-based paint and the flexibility of water-based paint.  For kitchen cabinets you need hardness to hold up to fingernails marring the finish around the knobs and handles but you also need flexibility since doors get banged shut and the door frames aren’t always as solid as they should be.  Breakthrough has indeed provided a breakthrough in paint technology.

Kirbyworks is proud to be offering Breakthrough as a finish for kitchen cabinet painting.




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