Pasco Interior Painting

We understand you are inviting strangers into your private space who are likely going to upset your lives for the duration of the project.  Home owners looking to hire professional Pasco painting contractors for their painting projects turn to Kirbyworks Painting for a rewarding and stress-free remodeling experience.

Pasco Residents Expect the Best to Come Into Their Homes for Interior Painting

Compared to exterior painting where the workers stay outside, Pasco home owners expect a much higher level of care and professionalism from interior painting contractors so their lives will be upset no more than is necessary to get the job done.  Kirbyworks Painting consistently receives high regard in the Pasco area for not only quality craftsmanship but care to protect homes and personal belongings from damage, paint drips and over-spray.

Kirbyworks Painting in Top 5% of Angie’s List for Pasco Interior Painting Contractors

Few interior painting companies in Pasco get positive recommendations by Angie’s List customers and only one out of twenty of those who do get recommendations receive the esteemed Angie’s List Super Service Award.  Kirbyworks Painting is proud to be in the top 5% of Angie’s List interior painting contractors which is a testament to the quality of work we do.

Kirbyworks Handles All Your Interior Painting Needs Including Drywall Repair and Texture

Pasco interior painting presents some unique challenges due to the soft sand that so many houses were built on, especially on top of the hill above Argent.  Some places are almost like building a home on an ocean beach.  Because this soil is so soft newly-built homes take several years to settle which causes many stress cracks to show up in on the walls in several rooms and even in the foundation itself.  Didn’t Jesus warn about building a home on sand . . . well, anyway, many homes in Pasco have “nail pops” (drywall screws) poking through the surface, tape joints popping, and the stress cracks caused by stress on the structure from either the foundation settling, improper structural wind bracing, or expansion or contraction between the hot and cold seasons.  We fix damaged walls and ceilings and texture to match your existing texture or if that’s not possible we can texture the whole wall to eliminate any sign of repair work before we prime and paint.

In addition to repairing and painting walls Kirbyworks also provides these services:

  • Repair and Paint Trim
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Re-texturing
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Painting
  • Wood Staining
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Venetian Plaster

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In addition to the aforementioned structural problems with building a home on what seems like Pasco ocean sand there is a lot of sand and dust that gets into the air whenever it gets a little windy and some of that dust gets into the house and some of the sand will even blow through closed windows and pile up on the window sills during a dust storm.  If you had a way to blow all of this off the walls after each wind storm you might have half a chance of keeping them clean but invariably after only a few years they get to looking a bit grimy.  You might not really notice it until you go to wipe a wall with a wash cloth and see how much cleaner the wiped spot is compared to the rest of the wall.  Then you might be tempted to wash the whole wall.  And then the wall next to it.  And then . . . well you get the picture.  How about having us come in and not only freshen up the house with clean paint but also with a new color?  Those colors that were popular in the 80’s just aren’t so much any more.  We can give your new home a fresh look for less than you think and less work on your part than you might think for Pasco interior painting. 

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